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How 3D Printing will affect Manufacturing Job

The popularity graph of3D printing is rising day by day. After the passage of some years, it will be so popular that everyone will be able to manufacture household goods and other items at home with the help of best cheap 3D printers. The production of different household things at the domestic level will leave many manufacturing industries useless.

We are living in the age of technology. In the last few decades, the world has been introduced with a lot of interesting manufacturing technologies. One of these interesting manufacturing technologies is 3D Printing.

3D printing technology has gained everyone’s attraction over the last few years. It has the capability to create new things through a unique and specializes process. It also has the ability to leave some of the production lines useless.

The popularity graph of 3D printing is rising day by day. After the passage of some years, it will be so popular that everyone will be able to manufacture household goods and other items at home with the help of best cheap 3D printers.

The production of different household things at the domestic level will leave many manufacturing industries useless.

With the excessive use of 3D technology, many questions arose. Some of these questions are given below.

Best Cheap 3D Printers

  1. Whether robots will replace human being or not in the workplace?
  2. What would happen when the 3D printer price increase?
  3. What would happen when the robots work in the stead of human?
  4. Would our world look like a science fiction movie?
  5. What would be the effect of 3D technology on job opportunities for a human being?

3D printing as additive manufacturing

This technology is also known as additive manufacturing. Therefore, it is very much important to learn about Additive Manufacturing. Additive Manufacturing has gained so much importance in today’s manufacturing industries.

The process in which raw material is used over and over again is called the usual process of manufacturing. This manufacturing process is a subtractive process.

In the simple manufacturing process, sometimes, raw material gets wasted. In order to understand the process of the usual process of manufacturing, an example of a car factory is very suitable.

In a car factory sheet metal is cut and shaped in accordance with the body’s specific part. The leftover metal is melted and formed into metal plates again. The reformed and malted material is again reused for any other process.

Efficient manufacturing process

Contrary to the usual manufacturing process 3D is a very precise manufacturing process. In 3D printing, no cutting down of material is involved. This method is suitable because there is no need to reprocess the material.

No wastage of raw material is its important feature. This process is only additive as it is not subtractive. 3D manufacturing reduces the ratio of wastage of raw material.

Another important and most appealing feature of 3D printing is that is to reduce processing time and required equipment.

Different Statistics about 3D Printing

According to some statistic, in the year 2025, 3D printing will be common in our houses and offices. It is expected that the 3-dimensional printing industry will change nearly each and every industry which has even a miner touch with it.

The 3D industry is going to change the traditional way of manufacturing things. That’s why it is expected that the projected value of industries would explode in the near future.

It is another point to note that when the market price of the 3D printer for sale will decrease, it would become an important and essential article of each and every house.

In this way, competition in the market will increase.Demand for the 3D printer designer would increase in the near future. Furthermore, the opportunities for innovation of new products would also increase. 3D is the process of creating products and parts on site.

3-dimensional printing will leave its impact on manufacturing industries in many ways. Some of them are given below.

  1. 3D printing would force companies to use their employees more effectively.
  2. 3-dimensional printing would increase the profit margin.
  3. When competition would increase, the stander of products will also increase.
  4. With the help of 3D printing technology, companies would be able to get their spare parts at their doorstep.
  5. With the help of 3D printing, job opportunities would increase.

3D technology is ready to create markets for new, higher-skilled jobs. 3D printing is already trying to reshape job requirements at the industrial level.

For example, GE Aviation, a famous company, is working to develop 3D printed fuel nozzles. These fuel nozzles are used in LEAPS engine that is specially designed for commercial planes.

This technology needs a technically trained person. Engineers and designer are also required to do these tough jobs. Industries need such creative and technically trained persons and engineers.

In this way, we can say that 3D printing is producing job opportunities for skilled persons.

The growth of 3D manufacturing could be finished with the help of labor markets all over the world.

In this respect, a news site has been developed. The owner and founder of this news site are Brian Krassenstein. 3D printing is reducing the manufacturing cost. When manufacturing cost increase, a company starts producing new jobs opportunities.

Sometimes it may end in the removal of employees. The same thing has been noted in a mega factory, Foxconn. But when the manufacturing cost decrease, jobs opportunities start appearing. The same thing has been reported in the US. The best example in this respect is the start of Google and Apple.

This result in the creation of jobs suited for machines. Someone is required to maintain these machines. Others are required to manage the supply chains. While some hired or appointed to oversee the production.

Future of 3D printing industry

The future of 3D printing is bright but sometimes it looks unpredictable. Most of the production industries are acquiring new 3-dimensional printing units that is why of these printers is increasing day by day.

Subtractive methods of manufacturing, nowadays, remained no more effective. There are many industries that are not ready to leave their old method of production.

It is commonly opinioned that the 3D printing industry will take over the R&D and maintenance sectors for production in a very short period of time. The possibilities of taking over the entire production industry are also present.

In simple words we can say that 3D is not taking the position of human being, it is only changing the current state of machining. It offers human being to learn a little different skill.

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