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How To Build a Team Without Renting an Office

Many technical organizations are able to hire dedicated developers who develop software end-to-end. This means you do not need an office of your own anymore, among other advantages we’ll explore below. Here is how you can build such a team for your organization.

Are you looking to build a highly productive team without renting a physical office space? Look no further!

In today’s digital age, remote work has become increasingly popular, enabling businesses to create exceptional teams without traditional constraints. Building a team without renting an office is cost-effective and provides flexibility and access to a global talent pool.

By leveraging collaboration tools, project management software, and effective communication channels, you can seamlessly connect and coordinate your team members from anywhere in the world.

How To Build a Team

How To Build a TeamEmbracing remote work increases productivity, reduces overhead costs, and creates a better work-life balance for your team members.

Many technical organizations have discovered that adopting remote work policies has many advantages. For example, they can hire dedicated developers who develop software end-to-end.

This means you no longer need an office of your own, among other advantages we’ll explore below. Here is how you can build such a team for your organization.

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How To Hire Dedicated Developers For Your Development Needs

Dedicated developers are teams of developers that work strictly on the software project of a single, select client. This model of development is called the dedicated team model.

#1. Evaluating The Dedicated Team Model

Under the dedicated team model, experts combine their skills to execute a project. You can find dedicated teams in I.T. centers worldwide with a good mix of talent and systems for meeting the demand for global delivery.

Some examples are Kyiv in Ukraine, Krakow in Poland, and Cebu in the Philippines. Large companies are active in these locations, and there are established supply chains that can help you quickly find the developers you need.

The best part, however, is that you do not have to do the hard recruitment work yourself. Rather, a project partner in the appropriate location recruits you. This way, you can quickly get up and running with a project in days, not weeks.

Your dedicated team will bill the development services at a blended hourly rate for all the professionals or a flat project fee. Most of the overhead you normally associate with technical work is eliminated.

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#2. Dedicated Team Structure

A dedicated project team will handle the design and development of your software from the ground up. You may supplement it with extra resources from your organization.

Either way, it will need the following major roles to execute effectively on the development:

  • Project Manager: A project administrator with deep expertise in project management to ensure the project is completed successfully.
  • Backend and Frontend Developers: Developers create the actual software. They must know the appropriate programming language, such as Python, PHP, Ruby, or JavaScript.
  • Graphic and Web Designers: Designers create graphics, logos, web, and mobile user interfaces, among other designs.
  • Q.A. and Testing Specialists: Testers help catch bugs early. Catching and fixing software defects during the development phase costs less than fixing them when the software has already been deployed.

What are the advantages of having a dedicated project team?

Hiring a dedicated team instead of an in-house team in an office can save you thousands in development costs and lead to better-quality software.

In countries like Ukraine, you can get top-tier expert developers to work on your project who would be beyond your budget locally.

These expert developers work fast, with accuracy, and get projects completed more quickly. Reduced project delivery times mean that total project costs will be less than if you hired developers in your city.

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The Right Locations Can Bring Big Advantages

For building your dedicated development team, look at countries with the right characteristics for this model. Features of such countries include:

  • Great information technology infrastructure
  • The supply chains of software and technology services are well established.
  • A large talent pool of developers and other I.T. knowledge workers
  • English language skills to facilitate international business communications

A review of the most popular centers for small software development using the dedicated resource model reveals that countries like Ukraine and others have the best conditions.

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Best Destinations To Hire Remote Developers

The A.T. Kearney Global Services Locations Index report from 2016 quantifies these factors. Ukraine was among the top nations. The report noted, among other things, the following positives for sourcing development from the country:

  • The government implemented reforms that boosted the country’s competitiveness
  • The country has more than 500 outsourcing companies and 100 R&D centers
  • There were more than 50,000 engineers at the time, a figure that has been growing rapidly
Financial Attractiveness Of Destinations For Hiring Dedicated Remote Developers
Financial Attractiveness Of Destinations For Hiring Dedicated Remote Developers

Some other great destinations highlighted by the report include Poland, Mexico, China, India, Estonia, and Lithuania. Regarding financial attractiveness, however, Ukraine is among the best choices.

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The Reality Of Working Office-Free

The reality of software development in a tech-enabled environment is that more work can be done without needing an office.

Even though teams working in the same office were a strict requirement in the past, nowadays, more teams are exploring remote work.

Working with a team without renting an office is possible now, thanks to the availability of talent in tech centers such as Ukraine.

So, whether you’re a startup or an established business, harness the power of remote work to build a dynamic and successful team without needing physical office space.

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