Clothing Brand Names

Opening a clothing store can be a fun project and business for people that love fashion. However, retail is also a competitive market.

Creating a unique clothing brand names list and choosing a unique brand name is one of the best ways to attract customers and beat the competition!

Your store will need to stand out among other online and in-store retailers to succeed and thrive.

3 Ways to Choose Clothing Brand Names

Choose Clothing Brand NamesBelow are some tips for creating a business or brand name for your clothing store.

These tips can help you create and decide on a clothing brand name if you’re stuck in between possible candidates.

#1. Choose a Unique Name

Around 88% of customers say brand authenticity is important for purchasing decisions. This statistic shows just how important it is to choose a brand name that shows off your unique fashion and creates a unique brand image.

In addition to being important for customers, brand authenticity can also have legal implications. For instance, if you choose a name that another business is already using, a stolen name might also name you vulnerable to trademark lawsuits.

Trademark lawsuits are expensive and time-consuming, and should be avoided at all costs. the best way to avoid these cases is to create a unique brand name and use original business ideas.

Fortunately, many online name generators will create a unique business name to help prevent you from getting sued or penalized. Namify is one of the biggest name brand generators online, which creates unique names based on keywords.

You can use these unique names to start your business and register your business name with your state or local government as soon as possible.

#2. Choose a Name That Fits Your Brand

Consider choosing a name that fits perfectly with the type of clothing you sell. For instance, if you sell clothing such as “hippie clothing,” then a name such as “flower power” or “60s wear” can all be great names to emphasize your clothing brand.

On the contrary, a name such as “High fashion wear” might be a better choice if you sell modern clothing for business personnel.

Think about what you want your customers to feel when they enter your store or shop your website. This combination of feelings is known as the brand experience.

Brand experience includes things like your website’s color, your store’s lighting, and your customer service. In addition, brand consistency also helps customers trust your brand. Choosing a name that fits your brand also helps to improve the brand experience.

Choosing a name consistent with your clothing and brand experience is best for startup companies. Namify provides you with a list of options that can help your brand remain consistent by using keywords related to your business.

#3. Choose a Name Available on Social Media

Social media is one of the best platforms for clothing brands! Social media allows you to connect with customers, promote your products and services, and also redirect potential customers to your website.

Instagram models and influencers helped clothing brand Fashion Nova soar to new heights through social media. If you’re starting a clothing business, consider using names that are available on social media.

Using available names allows your business to seamlessly integrate a website, social media, and brand all in one. Namify also offers social media checks.

Namify checks all generated names for social media availability. You can also check the domain status here, making it a good tool for entrepreneurs starting their clothing business from the ground up.