Specifics Trading Pair

Many people have a hard time choosing between Zcash and Ethereum. It’s safe to say that the ZEC to ETH trading pair is popular. But why?

Let’s find out the technicalities of both coins. You will also learn some trustworthy statistical predictions and discover what types of inventors should pick one or another crypto, so stick with us here.

ZEC Overview

ZEC to ETHZEC is a decentralized crypto that originated from Bitcoin’s codebase in 2014. It is focused on privacy and anonymity features. Most cryptos on the market are pseudonymous, but ZEC is not the case.

Zcash utilizes the zk-SNARK zero-knowledge proof technology. It allows for verifying transactions without revealing sensitive personal data.

Basically, ZEC offers conducting transactions in two ways: shielded and transparent. The latter one is the same as with the case of Ethereum, i.e., sending cryptos between public addresses with all the info recorded on the public ledger.

The shielded transactions simply do not reveal sending and receiving addresses, as well as the amounts of cryptos sent.

ZEC: Statistical Predictions

As of July 2022, the price of ZEC is around $63. The market capitalization is slightly above $966 million. Recently, ZEC has been in a neutral market. But as well as other coins, it shows a downward trend since the beginning of 2022.

Its all-time-high, reached in October 2016, equals $1,624. Let’s review predictions for ZEC’s future price.

  • net. This source expects ZEC to gain nearly 100% of its current price by the end of 2022. The prediction for 2025 is about $300 per coin, which is extremely optimistic.
  • com. This prediction is less dramatic, and it sticks to about $80 as of 2022 and only $125 in 2025.
  • com. The last source deems $75 and $111 to be possible prices for ZEC in 2022 and 2025, respectively.

All three sources expect ZEC to enter the long-term bullish market shortly.

Ethereum Overview

Ethereum is an open-source and well-established blockchain released back in 2015. It pioneered the concept of a smart contract public ledger.

Smart contracts allow for fulfilling agreements between parties without the involvement of an intermediary. It serves to reduce transaction costs primarily and improve transaction reliability.

But more than that, the Ethereum blockchain is capable of hosting other cryptos called tokens through the ERC-20 compatibility standard. In 2022, Ethereum plants to have Ethereum 2.0 update that would improve its scalability and switch the consensus mechanism to proof-of-stake.

ETH: Statistical Forecasts for the Future

As of July 2022, the price per ETH coin is about $1,500. The market capitalization is slightly above $189 billion. The coin shows a downward trend since the beginning of 2022.

But the market of the last days for this asset is rather bullish and extremely promising. Here are some of the predictions for ETH:

  • net. The source has an equally enthusiastic prediction for ETH as well. It predicts $2,500 by the end of 2022 with the perspective of a surge to as much as $7,600 per coin.
  • com. The source expects about $2,000 in 2022 and $3,000 roughly by the end of 2025.
  • com. The last source surprisingly claims the possibility of ETH reaching $2,500 in 2022 and $7,600 in 2025, which is the same as the first source expects.

All three sources think that ETH will enter the long-term bullish market shortly.

What Is So Interesting About ZEC vs ETH Crypto Pair?

It seems that both cryptos have decent investment potential, and probably, the long-term profitability does not impact the decision whether to have one or another crypto in the portfolio.

ZEC is definitely for those who value their confidentiality the most. ETH has interesting scalability opportunities and technical options to consider. The choice between them is fully yours.

Yet, for traders wishing to take full advantage of the privacy features of Zcash, it’s best to visit https://godex.io/ — an anonymous crypto exchange. Thus, you will not share personal details with a service provider as well as with the public ledger.