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A search for “want-to-sell house may have found this article”, “can’t buy the house”, or “cant Sell Your House Online”.

Whatever the reason, you’ll find helpful information about creative ways to Sell Your House Online. Can you create a house-selling plan for your home while you are trying to sell it? If you don’t, you should.

You have decided it is time to move on and need to sell your home.

While some people choose to sell their property through a realtor as the traditional route, many people are busy and don’t have the time to look through the listings.

99% of property searches today are done online. It makes sense to sell your house online.

Selling a house without an agent or realtor is nothing uncommon, but you have to be duly prepared to do it just right.

7 Ways To Sell Your House Online

Certain things make the whole process a success. In this article, we will outline the steps you should follow to sell a house without engaging the services of a realtor.

#1. Research widely to price the home just right

Many first time sellers make the mistake of under or overpricing their home. However, with enough time and some groundwork, it is not too hard for you to know the price of your home.

Just find out online from many websites what a house like yours should fetch. Pricing the home is usually the first thing you ought to know when you want to sell your house without a realtor.

#2. Advertise your house right

Like any other product, you need to advertise your house when you sell. It is ok to put it on OLX, but are you giving the bestselling details? What is unique about your home?

Do you have excellent features like water features (fountains, waterfalls, etc.), a rock bed, a garden, an extended lawn or what… anything that can give your house an extra edge over the competition.

Some places where you can list your house for sale in the USA include MLS, a one-stop centre for people looking for houses on sale.

#3. Do a thorough preparation for sale

This means preparing a house for sale. No matter how impressive, a dirty home is a total turn-off for buyers because most want to visualize their lives there.

Clean your house thoroughly inside out and then dust it every day that it is listed. Shampoo the rugs and carpets thoroughly and keep the windows open for air.

You should remove as many personal items as possible to enable the buyers to visualize themselves living in the house.

#4. Get a house inspector

You will need to have your house inspected to bring up any issues in the house. This will cost you some money, but it is worth it.

Repair anything that needs to be repaired, or make sure you disclose it in the sale agreement. If you do not, you may be sued, or the deal could backfire badly on you.

#5. It would be best if you still had a real estate attorney

Buying or selling a house is a big decision, and that is why you should cover your transaction by making everything legal as need be. You will need a lawyer to draw the contract and close the deal.

#6. Make the house accessible to potential buyers

It would be best if you left the key somewhere accessible so that people can see the house even when you are not there.

If you have made proper signage and posted it in the neighbourhood, keep your phone nearby as you get many calls.

Please answer all of them and show people the house or tell them where to find the key.

#7. Make signage

Signage is significant as it tells people there is a house for sale in the neighbourhood. Who should professionally do the signage?

You can also make brochures for marketing. This will cost, as will advertising the house online, but it will be worth it.


So, if you want to sell your house without a realtor, you should consider following the steps mentioned above. The more careful and systematic you are, you will better get the best price for your house.

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