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CRECSOLawSteps To Take If You Have Been Unfairly Fired

Steps To Take If You Have Been Unfairly Fired

Discover your rights and legal options after an unjust termination. Learn how to protect yourself and seek justice. Get informed now!

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Losing your job can lead to unmanageable financial strain. But if you have valid evidence that suggests you have been fired unfairly, you can take action against your employer to seek compensation or the reinstatement of your employment contract.

Whether you have been fired as retaliation for a sexual harassment complaint, refused to work excessive overtime without compensation, or because you announced your pregnancy, take these essential steps to protect your career and financial stability.

Request An Explanation From Your Employer

You won’t be able to claim unfair dismissal if you don’t know the circumstances surrounding your dismissal. While your employer must provide a straightforward explanation for your contract’s termination, there are sometimes underlying reasons that may indicate unfair dismissal.

Employment law specifically forbids employers from firing professionals for reasons that conflict with discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, or any form of breach of contract. Firing an employee for any reason that violates employee rights and labor laws is also illegal.

It’s important to take some time to figure out the specific details that lead to your dismissal. This may be as simple as asking your employer. Other times, you might need to dig deeper and ask your colleagues. Moreover, create a timeline of all relevant and suspected events.

Start Gathering Evidence

You won’t be able to file an unfair dismissal or wrongful termination claim simply because you suspect the conditions surrounding your dismissal were unfair. It is crucial to back your claim with relevant, valid evidence. Emails, text messages, photos, and even recorded phone calls and voicemails can all prove unfair dismissal.

Consult An Employment Lawyer

While you can file a complaint against your employer and seek compensation or the reinstatement of your contract on your own, the process is a lot easier when relying on a professional employment lawyer at HKM law firm.

Your lawyer will know how to build a strong case while helping you navigate the process of filing complaints with relevant agencies such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and others. Relying on legal representation is also the best way to speed up the claim process.

Think About The Future Of Your Career

Once you have consulted an employment lawyer to handle your unfair dismissal case, you can shift your focus back to your career.

If you decide to claim the reinstatement of your employment contract, you will need to think about returning to work and any relevant challenges you may face. On the other hand, if you decide to claim compensation only, you will need to start searching for a new job.

While sifting through vacancies and attending interviews, it’s essential to prepare a script that explains why you were fired in a way that doesn’t blacken your previous employer’s reputation while protecting your best interests as a professional.

Job hunting is often a frustrating undertaking. But with a professional resume, the right employment agency, and interview preparation, you will be able to find a new job that supports your career goals.

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