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Blogging is helpful and valuable. Countless people are now writing as well as visiting blogs which proves that blogs in this era have become a part of conventional online behavior for people to share their thoughts and ideas in public forums. It is also a great way to create an online community which happens to have similar beliefs or idea.

Blogs-redefining how individuals experience the web
For business organizations, blogs are a way of reaching out to target clients and offering them with helpful information. For private individuals on the other hand, blogs are an avenue for sharing their feelings and thoughts concerning their life experiences.

Tips To Increase Comments on Your Blog

Tips To Increase Comments

Every blogger probably desires more readers and more readers will result in even more readers which in turn will lead to more profit. It is easy to pen down a blog but hard in building a successful blog having significant traffic and significant comments. Having a niche quality blog along with helping one to get more page views will also provide better visibility to their blog.

Positive engagement amid readers and bloggers results in more comments
Posting a blog is all the more rewarding when bloggers are well aware of the fact that people are reading, taking pleasure and availing benefits and also sharing their piece of work. One of the smartest ways of gauging the health of one’s blog readership is via checking the number of comments they have received on their posts.

The more the comments a blogger gets, it means that their readers are more actively engaged. Such a positive engagement amid the reader and the blogger works wonders in creating a lively community that helps in sustaining readership attracting more visitors to one’s blog. More visitors mean more comments which are highly significant.

Tips and tricks to get more comments on blogs

Below are few golden tips that will help bloggers get more comments on their blog from readers

Create good content
The first and foremost step is to engage visitors by creating an engaging content.

Serve your audience
It is imperative for every blogger to give their audience what they desire and not what they think their audience need.

Simplify your content
More graphics and less content are the need of the hour. People enjoy reading, but in small amounts. Provide them with good design and they will definitely want more.

Invite readers for comments
Post creating a good content, serving the audience and simplifying the content, then follows the main task of inviting readers to comment. Every blogger must explicitly invite their readers to comment. This could mean adding something like “Please feel free to add your tips via your comments”.

Reply to comments promptly
As and when one gets a comment on their blog they must promptly send a reply within 1-2 days and not linger for weeks. It is indeed discouraging for any reader who have asked a question to keep waiting for a reply for ages and other readers who are viewing the comments is likely to be put off by leaving one.

End the blog with a question
Often readers are in a fix what to comment on. Posting a questing on one’s blog post will give readers an anchor point of what they can discuss about. In short, every blogger must place the right question towards the end of their post. If the reader has read the entire blog and reached to that point, there are high chances that they have enjoyed the piece of writing and are also interested in it and will be highly motivated in answering the question.

Widen the circle
For every blogger who want readers to comment on their blog, then they must set an example themselves. Along with commenting on their own blog they must also comment on other similar blog topics in the community as widening their circles is indeed vital.

Every blogger must be well aware of the fact that they should post comments which are well thought out and has a connection to the topic instead of posting one-liners such as Great Post. This way one can attract more readers and bloggers to their blog without letting them to mistake their comments as a spam.

By following these tips carefully, bloggers will be on their right track to increase their blog comments.

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