white noise machine for office

Various employees can suffer from the side effects of noises around them. There’s just too much chatter, clock-ticking, and typing in keyboards that make concentration an issue.

If an employee is working at a business firm, the company can suffer from the mistakes that might result from a distracted employee.

Anyone working on a 9 to 5 job in her cubicle may hear different sounds from time to time. They might be the first morning greetings of their co-employees, the sound of the coffee machine, the tinkling of water as someone drinks them, and a lot more.

This can be distracting, mainly if the employee’s line of work is concerned with writing, concentrating, and logical thinking.

In an office setting where everyone can hear what one is talking about, sound masking is a must more than ever.

Luckily, white noise machines found in sites such as https://soundproofpros.com/best-white-noise-machines-offices/ can provide you with the safety and concentration you need.

Many visitors pretend to be clients only to steal information from the company. An employee may talk about confidential information, but she can be accidentally overheard by someone, jeopardising the company.

What is Sound Masking?

Sound Masking

Sound masking systems produce a humming sound compared to an air conditioner. The sounds are often monotonous in frequency, and it’s not distracting in general.

Most of the sounds can disrupt the voices heard from the other cubicle. This means that the employee with the white noise machine can’t hear the regular conversations of others.

The opportunists that want to extract information by overhearing private conversations won’t also have the chance to listen to anything from you.

Benefits that You Can Enjoy with the Machines

Machine Benefits

  • Reduce Distractions – You can think and type well when less distracted. There are sounds such as keyboard clicks, clocks, coffee machines, and chatter that can sidetrack you from your tasks. You can reduce these by getting white noise machines inside your cubicle.
  • Become More Productive – If you are less distracted, you can do your work more efficiently. You will have higher productivity and can finish several tasks at the end of the day if you concentrate fully.
  • More Accurate Data – The employees who don’t hear too much chatter and conversations that do not concern them will make fewer mistakes. They can focus on typing and enter the correct information from their keyboard.
  • Privacy – Privacy is paramount, especially if an employee has a conversation with an important client. Most of the companies use sound masking machines so that the talks stay inside the cubicle where they are intended to be.
  • Excellent Customer Service – When clients don’t overhear annoying conversations of others, and they are confident that what they are saying can’t be overheard. This increases customer satisfaction ten-fold. They want you to record their information accurately, and they want you to be less distracted when talking to them.
  • Reduce Stress – When you hear less noise, you have lesser things to think about. You finish your tasks quickly, have happier clients, and increase your productivity rates. You will also be less stressed when you go home, and you can relax well with your family.

What to Look For

What to Look For

Some companies produce recordings that produce twenty to thirty different sounds. These sounds can have various pitches and relaxing chimes that you will surely appreciate.

You can choose from relaxing to meditation tones or sounds produced by nature. Some sounds imitate fans and other appliances.

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When buying, you can test the different sound options and see which one will work best for you. You might want to know if you can focus throughout the day on a specific tone, and you can change it to another, which can boost your productivity.

If your office is full of the hustle and bustle, you can create peace of mind inside your cubicle. You can create ambient sounds similar to that of a fan or old soothing music that will help you make it to the rest of the day.

Choose Different Kinds of Noises

Today, most people work in open-space environments where the slightest talk can distract them from what they are doing. The solution for noise is more noise, as in the case of bars.

When loud music, more conversation, and the clinking of glasses are around you, you may not be able to hear what your friend is saying. There are different kinds of noises that you can choose from white, pink, and brown.

White Noise

These kinds have even frequencies. Who can compare these to an unused TV channel or radio, and it has a higher pitch than the other two. You can compare this to a guy that has a character of composed and confidence.

Pink Noise

This is a different noise from the white one because it has fewer frequencies. Pink noise has a soothing hum, and the brain processes this evenly.

This is like a soft rain or a light breeze that you can hear when you wake up. This is better for memory and concentration, especially at night. Who can compare this to a guy that is more relaxed and soft-spoken?

Brown Noise

This has the lowest frequency and volume. The brain hears this as a low roar because it has more intensity. Who can compare this to the sound of waterfalls? Who can compare this to a guy with a sense of tranquillity?

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