Battery Cables

Battery cables are the key of smoothly running vehicles. Without the cable, a battery and the engine cannot run and this, in turn, means that the vehicle cannot run. It is important, therefore, that one selects reliable battery cables manufacturer. This goes a long way in ensuring that your car runs smoothly.

The main function of a battery cable is to take the power generated in the battery to the entire vehicle. If the battery is the heart, the cables are the artery of a vehicle. Battery cables have to handle very heavy wear and tear and so, cannot be confused with usual vehicle cables.

Battery cables are made to be sturdy and durable, but with prolonged use, these cables can also fail. Since the cables are usually under the car hood, we cannot spot the trouble immediately. However, we can identify potential trouble from symptoms that the vehicle shows. These are:

The vehicle has problem starting up
The first signs of trouble come when the vehicle does not start smoothly. Since the cables are responsible for the transference of power from the battery to the rest of the vehicle, any problems with the cables mean that this function cannot take place smoothly. The reason it first shows during the starting of the vehicle is because this is when your vehicle needs a big boost of power, which the failing cables have a trouble with. People familiar with the clicking sound when they crank up their cars are familiar with this trouble.

No Power
Here the problem has stepped up a notch from a failure to start. When the cable has failed completely, there will be no transference of power to the car. This is when a cable is too damaged or corroded. The car will not start and neither will the lights. In many cases, the lack of power is usually due to failure of the cables.

Signs of corrosion on the battery terminal
Here the trouble starts with the battery. The engine, which often heats up, starts leaking acidic vapor when it becomes too hot. The vapor builds up near the terminals with time and start corroding them. The corrosion often reaches the cable interiors and starts to corrode them from the inside. Here the corrosion will impair the very functioning of the battery, blocking its power from moving out. The corroded cables will also become too damaged to function.

How to buy the right battery cable
When the vehicle stalls and we find out that the cables are corroded, we eventually have to start looking for battery cables. As mentioned above, buying this carefully is important because this is what makes our car run. Apart from checking out the battery cables manufacturer, here are some of the other factors that you must look for:

His gauge of a battery cable is one of its most important deciding factors. A gauge that is too thin, it can short circuit and cause fire in the engine compartment — a dangerous occurrence. On the other hand a gauge that is too thick will not carry power efficiently. To know the gauge required for your vehicle, refer the owner’s manual. You can also check the manufacturer’s website.

One of the often overlooked features is the length of the battery cable. Keep in mind that the length of a cable is related to its voltage. A long cable will mean a buildup of electrical resistance, which forces voltage drop. Again, check with a specialist or refer a gauge and length chart to find out the right length.

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Although the cables attached to the battery are not moved constantly, these have to stay bended in the engine compartment. This requires flexible cables. Otherwise, the cables would develop cracks with time.

Battery cables operate in some of the most hostile conditions. The engine compartment heats up, making it one of the hottest environments. Other corrosive elements include oil and abrasions.

Battery cables take the power from the battery and provide it to the vehicle. In that sense, these cables are the essential coronary system of a vehicle. Hence, it is important that we choose the right cables, starting with buying from a reliable and certified battery Cable Manufacturer India.