Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

Some people who regularly consume CBD enjoy vaping to get their daily dose, as vaping provides quick absorption and fun flavours.

Other people prefer edibles, like gummies or cookies, to get a tasty and longer-lasting effect from their CBD.

For those who want to keep things straightforward, an all-natural, organic CBD tincture is one of the best CBD consumption methods.

5 Things to Look for in a CBD Tincture

What should I look for in a CBD tincture? Learn more below!

#1. Organic and Natural

Organic growing and manufacturing practices can not only produce better and more effective products, but they are also better for the environment and the employees that work with hemp and CBD.

Try to find CBD tinctures explicitly labelled as organic and those made with certified organic techniques to grow hemp and extract the CBD Oil itself.

It may be tempting to assume that a CBD tincture is organic and natural because it comes in green, natural-looking packaging, but looks can be deceiving.

If a manufacturer needs to have organic growing and manufacturing processes and procedures outlined on their website, ask someone from customer service for more information about their organic practices.

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#2. Solvent Free

There are a few different methods of extracting CBD from hemp. Some use solvents, like ethanol, butane, and hexane, to douse the hemp plants and extract CBD.

This method is cheaper than others, like CO2 extraction, which is why many manufacturers opt to use it.

Unfortunately, solvent extraction can leave behind residue, which can not only leave the final product more flammable but can also compromise its flavour and overall quality.

Find CBD tinctures that are solvent-free and are made using a CO2 extraction.

CO2 extraction requires much more expensive and high-tech equipment, but it is much better for the environment and does a much better job of extracting and leaving behind the purest CBD possible.

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#3. Cruelty-Free

There is absolutely no reason for animals to be harmed in making CBD products, yet some manufacturers still use animals to test out their products.

Animals that are tested are typically kept in poor living conditions, and they can suffer horrible side effects due to these tests. Be vigilant about finding CBD tinctures that have a PETA cruelty-free label.

Some manufacturers may slap a generic “cruelty-free” label on their products, but if another reputable agency doesn’t back it up, it’s as good as meaningless.

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#4. Third-Party Tested

Because the government doesn’t regulate supplements in the United States, some bad actors may sell CBD products that don’t contain the amount of CBD stated on the label, or they may contain mysterious chemicals that are not listed.

The only way to avoid ingesting unknown and potentially dangerous ingredients is by purchasing your CBD products from a manufacturer that undergoes regular third-party testing.

Third-party testing involves an outside agency, with no special interest in the results, thoroughly testing and reporting on their findings of what the product contains.

Look for a manufacturer that posts their third-party results and is ultra-transparent about the testing that their products undergo.

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#5. Blended to Increase Absorption

Many people who regularly take supplements know that some components or nutrients are hard for the body to absorb on their own.

As a result, foods like turmeric must be paired with other foods, like black pepper, to be properly absorbed into the body to give their desired effect.

Look for CBD oil tinctures containing other ingredients that enhance absorption, such as coconut-derived MCT oil.

CBD, and other hemp products, are also known to produce better effects when taken with other hemp-derived components, like CBG and CBN, so try to find CBD tinctures that also contain other cannabinoids to get the best impact.

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In Conclusion

Now that CBD products are legal in the United States, many people have jumped on the bandwagon to try to sell CBD products.

Unfortunately, not all CBD products are made with the strictest standards, and it’s important to ensure you’re only spending your hard-earned money on the best CBD tinctures made ethically and with the best ingredients.

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