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Cryptocurrency has started a revolution like no other. Decentral currency has made big corporations and banking begin to question everything around them.

Also, Bitcoin Blockchain technology has proven to be revolutionary and reliable at the same time. However, to understand everything about cryptocurrency, there are three characteristics you need to know, and they are immutable, trustless, and decentralized.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have taken the world by storm in recent years, disrupting traditional financial systems and revolutionizing how people transact with one another.

Three Characteristics Make Cryptocurrency Different

One distinctive quality of cryptocurrency over traditional currencies is its decentralized nature. Unlike government-issued money, cryptocurrencies aren’t controlled by a central authority such as a bank or government.

Cryptocurrencies operate on a distributed ledger known as the blockchain, where transactions are validated and recorded by an interconnected network of users.

One distinct trait of cryptocurrency is its pseudonymous nature. Blockchain transactions are public, but users can remain anonymous and transact without disclosing their identity – offering a level of privacy and security not available in traditional financial systems.

The limited supply of most cryptocurrencies creates scarcity which may lead to value appreciation over time, unlike government currencies which may experience inflation.

#1. Immutable

Immutable means that it cannot be undone. This is about cryptocurrency and blockchain. It follows three principles:

  1. It should be difficult and nearly impossible to rewrite history.
  2. Funds should be impossible to move unless you have a private key.
  3. The blockchain has a record of all transactions.

When we want to see our bank account details, we have to log in and see all our transactions and hope that the bank is telling us the truth.

Also, if there are any fraudulent transactions, we expect the bank to inform us of these. Moreover, the bank takes the money in our accounts and invests it into the stock market to make money.

However, with centralized banking being removed from cryptocurrency, there are no more third parties involved. That is why all transaction records are public and cannot be changed.

Cryptographic security has made it next to impossible to compromise the system to change a transaction, so even if someone succeeded, they would compromise the entire network.

#2. Trustless

Bitcoin was made by creating a system where no one needed to trust anyone for the network to work.

Before this, every other form of currency required a central authority to make sure that everything ran smoothly.

However, this central authority could also be the currency’s biggest weakness. What makes Bitcoin so different is that it can tell the other parts of the system what is happening and can validate itself.

When a transaction is taking place, the program can verify whether this is real and if it’s not, the program disregards the transaction right away.

All the information regarding transactions using Bitcoin is found within the blockchain. This blockchain is accessible by anyone.

This is why people do not need a central body with cryptocurrency because everyone has access to the ledger and can see everything for themselves.

#3. Decentralized

The word decentralized is a key term in cryptocurrency, and it’s essential to understand what it means.

  1. The systems are less likely to fail because they all rely on separate components.
  2. Since there are no vulnerable points, it is more expensive to attack the systems.
  3. It is harder for members to conspire together, so they are not likely to benefit at the expense of others.

Additionally, centralized banking and mints print money and have the overall hold of interest rates.

That allows banks to have too much power over money. However, cryptocurrency does not do that because it needs approval from the majority of its holders.


Cryptocurrency is continuously changing the way people look at money, and these three characteristics are why.

Many like the idea that the blockchain has made it next to impossible for someone to commit any fraudulent transactions.

Also, the theory and practice of not having a third party in control of all the cryptos allows users to feel more at ease and control over the currencies themselves.

Additionally, many users can trade and keep track of their cryptocurrency with apps like this website.

These unique characteristics make cryptocurrency an attractive option for individuals and businesses seeking a secure, decentralized way to transact globally.

Lastly, having a system that can verify and trust itself allows users to put faith in the system. This means there is less room for error or for someone to join in collusion.

Therefore, there is not one person who has complete control, which is the most revolutionary concept of all.

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